Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some catch up to do!!

I have been getting products to review, and keep forgetting to review them, so I am going to do a little catch up today, and then hopefully I can keep on top of it better!!

So first I received a bucket, which contained a whole whack of Mr. Clean products!! First, a new bucket...yippee!!! My old bucket well, kicked the bucket along time ago!! Then Mr. Clean products, which I have used since I started keeping house for myself. So first the magic erasers, I have used forever, and they are self explanatory, magic!! The all purpose cleaners, are also great, but I have to admit, I am not a fan of the lavender scent. The disinfecting wipes are also awesome, I have used them for quite some time on my in between cleans in the bathroom. They are really great when you have a kid who is potty training, and dribbles do happen.....a quick wipe and it is clean!

So in General Mr. Clean is a thumbs up!!

The other thing that I got was the new Febreeze which takes allergens out of fabric. I was quite excited about this since my daughter has slight asthma. Well, I have to say, I don't see much of a difference between this and the regular Febreeze....there was no change in my daughter. However, Febreeze is great by itself and really does work taking odors out of fabrics, and I use it whenever I can.

So Febreeze is a keeper, but the special allergen reducing one, I don't think is worth keeping.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swiffer dust and shine and Swiffer 360 duster

I received the New Swiffer Dust and shine in two scents.....Citrus Zest, and Lavender Vanilla. Now I have to be honest in these reviews, and I am not incredibly impressed with this product. I do not believe that this product works any better than regular cleaner for dusting. I did however enjoy the scents, but I would not spend the money just for those. I used the dust and shine on a couple of surfaces, regular dusting on laminate shelving, and it did work well, left the shelves clean. I also tried it on a piece of wood furniture that I have, and on my wood cupboards, and yes it cleaned it, but no better than a regular no name brand cleaner. Another thing that I did not like was when squeezing the trigger, the product leaked and dripped down my hand, so all day I smelled like Lavender Vanilla!

So a thumbs up for the scent, but I think I might sell this one off!!

I also received the new Swiffer 360 duster. I already own the old Swiffer duster, that swivels back and forth, and liked it quite well. But I must say the new one, is great. It dusts the bottoms of items on shelves, and it is quite small, so you can use it in all sorts of places. A down side is that the handle isn't very long, so it is hard for a short person like me to reach high places! Since I have both dusters I will probably use my old one for the ceiling fan, and up high and use the new one on my shelves and dustables!

So a Keeper in my opinion!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My first review

So I decided to sign up to review some products on by blog, which really was quite exciting when I received my parcel in the mail. It was like Christmas!!

Dishwashers; The bane of my existence. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having a dishwasher, but over the years I have tried so many different kinds of soaps and cleaners, And I don't know if it is our water, but I have found one that works. So when I got sent Cascade All in one Action packs, I was sure they wouldn't work. (by the way the only product that I had tried that worked for me was the Cascade powder) So I reluctantly loaded my dishwasher, and popped a pouch in. And waited. I opened the door when the cycle was done and lo and behold IT WORKED!! I was super excited!

As for price The All in One Action packs are slightly more expensive than the powder type. But I have observed that I no longer have powder all over my floor, hauling out the huge box of powder isn't an issue, storing the huge box of powder isn't an issue. So for convenience the Action Packs have the thumbs up, for price the powder has the thumbs up.

Cascade All in One Action Packs; definitely a keep!